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Photo of dryer after a fire

Small fires are destructive too

A small fire in a home's laundry dryer was caught before it spread throughout the home. But even a small fire is destructive. The laundry room had to be gutted and redone due to fire, smoke, and water damage, and naturally, the dryer needed to be replaced as well.

Photo of a flood cut, a horizontal cut in a wall, to remove water damaged drywall

What's a "flood cut"?

Put simply, a "flood cut" is a horizontal cut in a wall with the sole purpose of removing the water-damaged drywall.

When a wall or wall cavity has been damaged by water, such as standing water in a flooded basement, to such an extent that we are unable to simply drill holes in the drywall to dry the cavity, SERVPRO of Glenview technicians perform a flood cut. 

A flood cut can be made at 12" or 24" or even 48" above the floor - whatever it takes to remove all the water-damaged drywall. The cut is always made parallel to the floor.

Photo showing a flooded driveway and garage

Do we REALLY respond to calls in the middle of the night? YES, WE DO!!!

During a week of heavy rains in May 2020, when a Park Ridge resident woke up at 2am to find THIS in their driveway, they called SERVPRO of Glenview!

We showed up, YES, at 2:30am, with pumps and a generator to begin pulling water from the customer's driveway, garage, and lower levels of their home.

When we say that we're Here to Help® 24/7/365, we really do mean it!

Graphic showing images before, during, and after a fire mitigation job SERVPRO of Glenview did

Fire & smoke damage

Three photos of the same view of the same room of a home damaged by smoke and fire: what the room looked like when SERVPRO of Glenview arrived on site, what the room looked like when cleared of personal belongings, and what it looked like when we completed the fire damage mitigation. This Lake Forest home required extensive reconstruction after the mitigation. 

text that says support small business

Support your local small businesses!

Small business owners always look to their local communities to support their businesses, and there's no time like the present to show them some love!

Basement after SERVPRO did mitigation and demolition

Mitigation after water loss in customer's basement

A burst water pipe in a family's summer home caused tens of thousands of dollars of water damage and mold damage. SERVPRO teams removed everything from the basement, right down to the concrete walls. Here is the state of the room near the end of the demolition process.

SERVPRO professionals stay protected on the job by wearing PPE

SERVPRO professionals are Here to Help

Wearing their certified coveralls, masks, gloves, and booties, SERVPRO crew members perform their cleaning tasks during a bioremediation cleaning service in a local medical facility.

SERVPRO professional wearing PPE during a cleaning job

SERVPRO helps your essential business stay open

Even during a pandemic crisis, SERVPRO® is Here to Help® by providing necessary services for commercial properties.

SERVPRO professional wiping down hallway during COVID-19 outbreak

SERVPRO provides wipe-down services

As part of our bioremediation cleaning services, SERVPRO professionals, dressed in full PPE, wipe down high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, doors, hall walls, vending machines, elevators, stair hand rails, and more.

SERVPRO Stormtrooper with Friends and Attendees at Glenview Open House

Our SERVPRO Stormtrooper always makes new friends!

While attending the Open House for new Glenview residents on February 22nd, 2020, our Stormtrooper stopped for photos with his new friends from the Glenview Chamber of Commerce and Glenview School District 34!

SERVPRO® of Glenview supports local community events and tries to have a presence there to spread word on all the services we offer, from "Move In/Out" home cleaning specials, to mold mitigation, to responding to water or fire emergencies, SERVPRO of Glenview is Here to Help!® Call when you need us - 847-832-9300

Photo of our franchise vehicles

Storm emergency? We'll be right there!

When storm waters threaten to flood a customer's basement, count on SERVPRO of Glenview to respond right away! Minutes and hours matter when it comes to minimizing water damage. Our SERVPRO crew is Here to Help®!

Photo showing SERVPRO van and equipment

We've got what you need!

Why choose SERVPRO® of Glenview to respond to your emergency needs?

We've got the equipment. We've got the manpower. Our crew has the knowledge and the experience. With over 50 years experience as a leader in the restoration industry, you can count on SERVPRO® to make it Like it never even happened® when disaster strikes your home or business.

Graphic showing a number of services offered by SERVPRO

SERVPRO® of Glenview is Here To Help!®

From fires to floods, from mold damage to storm damage... If you have an emergency at your home or business, call on SERVPRO® of Glenview to help make it Like It Never Even Happened.®

We offer more than just fire and water damage cleanup and restoration services. We also offer biohazard cleanup, HVAC air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard surface sanitization. Call our office to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for any of our services.

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Our company truck in front of a customer's home

You can rest assured when SERVPRO of Glenview is on the job

When you've got water damage in your home, be it from a burst pipe, backed up sewer, failed sump pump, or an overflowing toilet, when you see our SERVPRO truck in front of your house, you can breathe a sign of relief.

Seeing our crew unloading our #SERVPROgreen equipment and efficiently tackling the job in your home, you know that you made the right call.

SERVPRO® of Glenview has the right equipment to handle your job, no matter how large or small. Our crews have the training, knowledge, and experience to help you regain control of your life and your home.

"Locally owned and operated" means we live and work in the same community you do. We might even be neighbors! We are Here To Help® and ready to respond to your emergency call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

No matter what your emergency is, never hesitate to call SERVPRO® of Glenview: 847-832-9300.

Image shows our technician using a vacuum water extractor in a customer's basement

Vacuum extraction in a "cleaned" basement

Here you can see one of our production technicians, using a vacuum extractor in a customer's home.

SERVPRO® of Glenview had responded to a call in Wilmette, where a customer's home had a flooded basement following a storm. The customer had tried to clean their floor prior to calling in our expert team. Here, you can see the difference between what the customer cleaned with typical household cleaners and what SERVPRO® of Glenview cleaned with our commercial cleaning equipment and products.

When your home suffers from water damage, be it in the basement, first, or second floor, call on SERVPRO to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Call our office 24/7/365 when you need us.
We are Here to Help.™

Image shows a product technician preparing SERVPRO equipment to clean floors at a customer's home

Prepping a Water Extractor

Here you can see one of our production technicians, Jake, prepping one of our water extractors. SERVPRO® of Glenview had responded to a call in Wilmette, where a customer's home had a flooded basement. Among the various cleaning services we provide and different equipment we use, we were preparing to clean the grime from the basement floors with one of our water extractors.

When your home suffers from water damage, be it in the basement, first, or second floor, call on SERVPRO to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Call our office 24/7/365 when you need us.
We are Here to Help.™

photo of clean filter taken before cleaning air ducts

"Before" photo of air duct cleaning filter

We were called to clean air ducts on a home in Glenview that was built five years ago, which had never had the air ducts cleaned before. This is a photo of the clean filter before we started the cleaning process.

dirty blue filter

"After" photo of air duct cleaning filter

We cleaned air ducts on a 5yr old Glenview home which had never had the air ducts cleaned before. This is a photo of the dirty filter after we finished the cleaning process.
Imagine the dirt and dust that was constantly being circulated each time the customer's heat or a/c was in use prior to the air duct cleaning!

Drying a Flooded Basement in Glenview, IL

Air movers ready to start drying a flooded basement in Glenview, IL as soon as the contents are cleared out. It's important to make sure enough air movers are employed to do the job right and make it "Like it never even happened."

Laying a new floor after a flood

Mark is laying a new floor for a Chicago Bungalow. The pipes froze and burst causing major flooding. There was over 6 inches of water throughout the main level of the home. The old floor was warped and covered in mold. No option to replace it.

House Fire

This Des Plaines home was completely destroyed due to a fire. The fire started in the basement and quickly spread throughout the home. The entire home was filled with soot, and had to be totally renovated. 

Fire in Glenview Home

This is the basement after a house fire in Glenview. The homeowner never thought we would be able to clean this mess up! He is very happy, with the work we performed! So are his fish!!

Mitigation of a commercial building in Glenview

The air movers are set and ready to dry this Glenview facility so everyone can get back to work sooner rather then later. No matter the size, or cause of the disaster rest assured SERVPRO of Glenview can make it "Like it never even happened."