Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Photo of dryer after a fire

Small fires are destructive too

A small fire in a home's laundry dryer was caught before it spread throughout the home. But even a small fire is destructive. The laundry room had to be gutted and redone due to fire, smoke, and water damage, and naturally, the dryer needed to be replaced as well.

Graphic showing images before, during, and after a fire mitigation job SERVPRO of Glenview did

Fire & smoke damage

Three photos of the same view of the same room of a home damaged by smoke and fire: what the room looked like when SERVPRO of Glenview arrived on site, what the room looked like when cleared of personal belongings, and what it looked like when we completed the fire damage mitigation. This Lake Forest home required extensive reconstruction after the mitigation. 

House Fire

This Des Plaines home was completely destroyed due to a fire. The fire started in the basement and quickly spread throughout the home. The entire home was filled with soot, and had to be totally renovated. 

Fire in Glenview Home

This is the basement after a house fire in Glenview. The homeowner never thought we would be able to clean this mess up! He is very happy, with the work we performed! So are his fish!!