Water Damage Photo Gallery

Photo of a flood cut, a horizontal cut in a wall, to remove water damaged drywall

What's a "flood cut"?

Put simply, a "flood cut" is a horizontal cut in a wall with the sole purpose of removing the water-damaged drywall.

When a wall or wall cavity has been damaged by water, such as standing water in a flooded basement, to such an extent that we are unable to simply drill holes in the drywall to dry the cavity, SERVPRO of Glenview technicians perform a flood cut. 

A flood cut can be made at 12" or 24" or even 48" above the floor - whatever it takes to remove all the water-damaged drywall. The cut is always made parallel to the floor.

Basement after SERVPRO did mitigation and demolition

Mitigation after water loss in customer's basement

A burst water pipe in a family's summer home caused tens of thousands of dollars of water damage and mold damage. SERVPRO teams removed everything from the basement, right down to the concrete walls. Here is the state of the room near the end of the demolition process.

Drying a Flooded Basement in Glenview, IL

Air movers ready to start drying a flooded basement in Glenview, IL as soon as the contents are cleared out. It's important to make sure enough air movers are employed to do the job right and make it "Like it never even happened."

Laying a new floor after a flood

Mark is laying a new floor for a Chicago Bungalow. The pipes froze and burst causing major flooding. There was over 6 inches of water throughout the main level of the home. The old floor was warped and covered in mold. No option to replace it.